robwalkerMy son Matt invited me to see a Hiptones “Cobra” performance at the Wheatsheaf last night when I told him about the Max_Mo work I’d been doing with Derek Pascoe. It was my first experience of Cobra and I loved it. It seems like Cobra is to music as TheatreSports is to drama. And the Keith Johstone of Cobra is Zorn. Anyway, it’s quite exciting watching talented musicians (Stephen Whittington – Prompter & misc instruments, Derek Pascoe – Tenor saxophone, Chris Martin – Piano, Hilary Kleinig – Cello, Adam Ritchie – Guitar/Laptop & Jarrad Payne- Drums ) virtually composing as they play and leaving space for the others. Like TheatreSports, the real skill seems to lie in accepting others’ offers, rather than trying to be the prima donna. It was great to see Hilary who told me that on Sunday at the same venue Zephyr Quartet had actually played Belinda Gehlert’s dunes, which was based on my poem dunes: perlubie beach. Funny place, Adelaide!guitarnightwheatsheaf

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