cold caller


The call no one wants…

A great remix of my poetic monologue “cold caller” by Vo1k1, part of the recent ccmixter “Flying Time” secret mixter challenge.

Vo1k1 says “Robwalkerpoet has these fantastic uploads I was unfamiliar with – it was a pleasure diving into both his spoken word and instrumental work. Each felt very expressive and personal. After a couple of remix drafts that ended up in the bit bucket, I built one around a starkly edited version of Cold Caller (Rob, I hope that you approve!), with both his and my instrumental tracks supporting (in particular, his shakuhachi tracks are gems). It’s relatively short and succinct, and I like the open ended quality of the final mix. ”

ccmixter’s editor Susan says “This track would be perfect for late night listening, in the dark, alone, perhaps drunk or maybe not. Vo1k1’s richly textured remix of Robwalkerpoet succeeds in creating an atmosphere of beauty and tension that reflects and heightens the drama of the poet’s words and delivery.”

Rob says “I like this a lot, Volk1. It’s richly-textured and multi-layered and presents my monologue in an intimate and original way. I’m enjoying hearing my own shakuhachi and slowed-ukulele samples from other works coming back into my ears in unexpected ways. All resting on the firm yet comfortable bed of texasradiofish and Sweet Noise. And your editing of the spoken word gives the poem a fresh perspective – particularly with the use of repetition and the fact that the Cold Caller isn’t even identified in this version.
It’s great to be remixed by someone who really knows what they’re doing – no surprises that it’s nominated as an editor’s pick!



The original HERE.

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