music at the caravan park


A great remix of my poem Clearing the caravan park as No rent low enough by Wired_Ant (from Germany) on ccMixter. I think the composition is remarkably sympathetic to the tone of my words.

Wired Ant – No rent low enough by robwalkerpoet

Clearing the caravan park

                   wanderers thought they’d found
a small measure of permanence,
a compact suburbia.

                           brief lives behind plywood,
aluminium and canvas. A few weeks stay
blew out to years.

                           now the land’s being developed.
the itinerants reminded of who they are
have pulled up sticks and blown.

                          trees logged and sectioned
where they lay, snakes truncated,

                              and everywhere small
piles,                                  the detritus
of lives.

jigsaw gyprock, plywood, distorted PVC pipe,
potplants all swept into haphazard mole-hills
by a dozer’s blade.

                      small squares of concrete aprons
pads for a cabin or footsteps
to keep mud out of the van.

                          every small concrete square
a demarcation                    of one

                          where he had a quiet beer. where
they had sex. where
she wondered how she’d raise the kid alone.

                            now a giant hand’s wiped the pieces
from the chessboard.
only squares remain.

                            you could call it life’s rich tapestry only
no-one here was rich, the social fabric’s
fraying                              the warp is in our values.

                            best to clear out the people,
fell the necessary trees. quick!
before the greenies get organised!

then wait.

today all is silence.

                            the treelopper’s machinery
(plant without trace of irony)
stands idle.

                             dust blows in willy-willies,
exploring places once covered.

it’s all for the best.
it will only improve the suburb.
lift the values.

                               the landless are moved on, reminded
that their place              is to have no place
and disappear                                                like dust.


rob walker.  2011

4 thoughts on “music at the caravan park

  1. I put the poem (i. e audio track as mp3) up on & this came back. You should have a go, Mike. It takes your work into all sorts of spaces you’d never have considered!

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