Running out of time: the podcast

Running Out of Time is now an audio podcast on The Drama Pod.


I wrote the first version of this short story in 2008. Cath Kenneally read a draft version of it on Writers’ Radio (Radio Adelaide) in 2009. It was first published in print form in the anthology Short and Twisted 2011 (Celapene Press.)


The latest incarnation was produced by Tim Heffernan.

Zachary: played by Kevin Powe

Jason: played by Tim Heffernan

Jeremy: played by Paul McClean

Kevin: played by Graeme Dunlop

The music Supernatural was generously provided by Kevin Mc Cloud from



Hear the podcast HERE


Thanks to Tim for the cleverly adapted script and the high production values.

One thought on “Running out of time: the podcast

  1. Your very welcome Rob. Creating audio stories may be time consuming but the end result always gives me a thrill. I look forward to creating more audio drama with you in the future. 🙂

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