reviewing David Barnes


My review of David Barnes’ beautiful collection Prayers waiting for God appears on The Compulsive Reader website. Thanks to Maggie Ball for publishing it.

“The blurb on the back says it all: “This is David Barnes’ first and last book.” That David ever came to be a poet is a kind of miracle in itself. He’s an unlikely candidate. A ward of the state, placed in institutions and physically and sexually abused – there was little likelihood that he would become a functioning adult, let alone a loving one who could have a happy relationship, a much-loved son, a self-deprecating sense of humour – or a writing career.
I first ‘met’ David in the early days of the internet when he ran an early e-lit journal called Poetry DownUnder from 1997. David published a lot of my early work which encouraged me to write more and send it to other places as well…” MORE HERE.

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