my own Poetry Week

It’s been a very poetry week…  Yesterday morning I went into Radio Adelaide to record a whole lot of my bird poems for Julia Wakefield who’s doing a series inspired by the Bimblebox project. 

Also reading there were David Adés (returning briefly from Pittsburgh), Valerie Volk and G M Walker. After getting down our  own work we each recorded a couple of poems by our late friend John Pfitzner whose posthumous collection  Voices from the Fire was  launched a week ago.

Last night I got along to Word Box at the Soul Box in Hindley St, Adelaide to see guest poets Loren Steinberg and Priya Malik (both of whom were brilliant!) and other local talent in the open mike section. I did I think the worst is over now and a clarity of smog (which I was also happy to learn this week has been accepted for the next foam:e this coming March.)

This week I’ve been enjoying Rachael Mead’s The Sixth Creek , Peter Macrow’s latest Blue Giraffe which includes a poem by Amelia Walker dedicated to Lyn & me – (a big surprise!) and Friendly Street’s anthology Patterns of Living which I missed last year in Japan.

I’ve also uploaded Looking up to ccmixter’s Christmas mix. A very productive week in poetry…


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