If you were to turn up at the Wheaty to see Max_Mo and you were 24 hours early (or late) you’d be treated to Adelaide’s most innovative string quartet Zephyr.

The Zephyr Quartet ladies  (Belinda Gehlert, Violin; Lillian-Terri Dahlenburg, violin, Emily Tulloch, viola/violin; Anna Webb, Viola; Hilary Kleinig, ‘Cello – yes, I realize that’s five) have performed original, world-music influenced works, contemporary classical and traditional folk music with passion across Australia and around the world.

I first met them when they performed a MusicaViva concert at Woodcroft Primary School. I invited my friend poet Yahia al-Samawy to hear them play a middle-eastern melody. The meeting grew into a brief collaboration with me performing my Dunes – Perlubie Beach (from micromacro, 2006), Zephyr premiering Dunes (composed by Belinda Gehlert) and Yahia reading work in Arabic.

Zephyr’s new work is microMACRO, “A site-specific three-way conversation between sound, vision and space – an organic collision of the unexpected and surreal, the beautiful and absurd. In a world where the refined, absolute and ordered are at the forefront of our existence, it offers a glimpse into the evolving, organic nature of life with a show that is utterly unique every time it’s performed.

Zephyr teams up with the excitingly unpredictable visual/performance artist Jo Kerlogue …  a new music and live improvised visual art performance, guaranteed to elicit a powerful emotional response from audiences.

” More here.


It sounds exciting. If I could be there I would. I hope it’s a huge success.



Bookings & dates here.


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