Take a tincture…




tincture-journal-16-coverAnother great Australian poetry journal to which I subscribe has accepted my poem re: flux (it’s a poem celebrating the continually-changing nature of the English language.) Thanks to editor Daniel Young and Poetry Editor Stuart Barnes for publishing my work in the Summer 2016 edition.

There are also Interviews with Michelle Cahill and Stuart Barnes

Short Stories by Stephen Samuel, Alice Whitmore, Lucille Bellucci, Adam Ouston, Cameron Colwell, Moll Green and Joshua Baird

LONG Stories by Belinda Rule and Stephen Samuel
Poetry by Adam Ford, a.j. carruthers, Timothy Ogene, Ivy Alvarez, Rico Craig, Mary Chydiriotis, Mark Ward, Jane Frank and Stu Hatton

Non-Fiction by Louise Slocombe, Kelsey Dean and Eduardo Frajman


You can buy it as an E-pub edition for only A$8.




Best science poetry!



It was an honour for Maggie Ball & I to have our collaborative poem radiology accepted for The Medical Journal of Australia earlier this year. It was even more of a surprise when we were asked if it could be included in Best Australian Science Writing 2016!

This is a very accessible collection of science journalism (certainly enjoyable for the average moderately-intelligent layperson like me) and we were especially gratified that editor Jo Chandler saw fit to include some poetry as well.